Ricky Greenwald, PsyD

picrick.jpgDr. Ricky Greenwald is a practicing clinical psychologist who has been working with children, teens, adults, and families since 1985. He is the Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute's founder, executive director, and chair of faculty.

Dr. Greenwald is an affiliate full professor at the SUNY University at Buffalo School of Social Work, and was previously assistant clinical professor and director of training for the child trauma program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NYC), Department of Psychiatry. Prior to that he served as senior psychologist with the Mokihana Project (Kauai, HI), a successful demonstration project providing child/family mental health services through the public school system. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, Division 56 (Trauma). Special interests include assessment, treatment, and training re trauma, loss, performance enhancement, and problem behaviors.

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Books by Dr. Greenwald


Now off press: Slaying the Dragon: Overcoming Life's Challenges and Achieving Your Goals

Teaching & Training

Dr. Greenwald offers the Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute training programs, including in-depth trauma training for mental health professionals and others (judges, teachers, caseworkers, line staff, parents, etc.) who work with trauma-exposed children, teens, and adults.


The Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute (TI & CTI) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that provides training, consultation, information, and resources for those who work with trauma-exposed children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Greenwald founded CTI in 2002 in order to more widely disseminate high quality training programs on trauma treatment and EMDR. The Trauma Institute (TI) name was added in 2008 to convey the full range of our activities, which apply to adults as well as kids. TI & CTI has a growing faculty of highly qualified supervisors and trainers. TI & CTI's web site provides information and resources to the professional community and the general public, and averages over 60,000 hits per month.

Psychology Practice and Consulting

  • Brief/intensive treatment or consultation in a private intensive therapy retreat. For individuals, couples, or children/teens with their parent(s).
  • Expert Services including trauma-informed evaluation of adults, children, teens, and families; also evaluation of other mental health professionals' work.
  • Consultation for therapists, agencies, programs, or institutions.

Dr. Greenwald's therapy practice is affiliated with TI & CTI.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is the most efficient of the well established research-supported treatments for trauma and loss. Dr. Greenwald is a pioneer and leading authority on EMDR, and the recipient of two major awards by the EMDR International Association. He is the author of several books on EMDR, including EMDR in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy (1999) (translated into German and Italian; Using EMDR With Children, (translated into Spanish); and the text book, EMDR Within a Phase Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment. Dr. Greenwald provides training and consultation for therapists, researchers, and agencies internationally.


Progressive counting (PC) is a newer trauma treatment developed by Dr. Greenwald, based on the counting method, that so far appears to be well tolerated by clients, as effective as EMDR, more efficient, and relatively easy for therapists to learn. PC's research support is growing.


Most of Dr. Greenwald's research is in the area of trauma, loss, and related symptoms. Examples of his work can be found in the TI & CTI site's Publications section. He is currently working with colleagues on several research projects focused on trauma assessment and treatment, as well as ongoing study of the TI & CTI training programs.

Dr. Greenwald often has research projects available for collaboration with grad students working towards their thesis or dissertation. If you're looking for a research project, please contact Dr. Greenwald and describe your area of interest.